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Traditional blenders? Pass. Meal prep? Over it.
Save time and
make delicious smoothies, soups,
or spreads without the prep or mess.

Our no-prep, no-mess
smart food maker.

Say hi to your dream food maker and weekly or bi-weekly food subscription.

We source the freshest ingredients possible and freeze them at peak harvest using IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) technology. We then create chef-curated recipes and place them in a cup equipped with a built-in blade. Oooo-aaah. Just add liquid and it’s ready to go.
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Using intelligent sensors, our kwiX Machine smartly recognizes each Blix Cup and perfectly makes each recipe in minutes. It’s really, really smart like that. Oh, and you never have to clean it.
kwiX Machine is $199
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Superfood smoothies.
Savory soups. Sweeeet spreads.

All delivered to your door weekly or bi-weekly.




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