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Cocoa Mint – V1 Lid

There’s nothing like an after-dinner mint to satisfy and refresh your palate. Here we’ve combined the delicious flavors of cocoa and mint, without any of the guilt at only 130 calories. Fresh mint aids in digestion while chlorella is a goldmine of protein, vitamins, and minerals that aid in detox and is known to boost immunity. So go ahead – indulge yourself while filling your body with nutritious goodness.


Detox Aid
Digestive Support
Fiber Focused
Immunity Booster
Low Calorie

The Ingredient Story

The Core Facts

Ingredient List

Ingredient List

Nutrition Facts

1 servings per container

How to Blend


First, tear off the orange tab completely.



After adding liquid, squeeze your cup repeatedly to ensure the food isn't stuck to the bottom of the cup.