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Morning Blend


A wise man once said, "Life begins after a morning blend smoothie." It’s an old ancient proverb, don’t ask. This smoothie provides all of the necessary ingredients for a classic morning pick-me-up: coffee, banana, almond butter, and walnuts. It will buzz you with energy, give you a protein boost, and satisfy any caffeine-infused cravings you might have throughout the day.


Fiber Focused
Protein Source

The Ingredient Story


Meet coffee. It's that magical liquid that gives you energy. Technically speaking, it causes a stimulant effect that heightens energy levels and improves overall mood. Studies show that coffee can increase your metabolic rate and physical performance too. More coffee, please!

Almond Butter

You know almond butter. It's peanut butter's more esteemed cousin that went to an Ivy League school and wears cargo shorts. It's packed with healthy mono-saturated fats, magnesium, and potassium that helps lower the risk of heart disease and promote the flow of oxygen.


You've tried walnuts. They have a fairly mild earthy but pleasant taste with a smooth consistency. They're full of antioxidants and a good source of omega-3 fats, which helps lower the risk of heart disease. Walnuts may also help decrease inflammation. That's nuts.

The Core Facts

Ingredient List

Banana, almond butter, walnuts, agave syrup, hemp seed oil, coffee

Ingredient List

Banana, almond butter, walnuts, agave syrup, hemp seed oil, coffee

Nutrition Facts

Serv. Size: 1 container (152g) Calories 390, Total Fat 26g (34%), Sat. Fat 2g (12%), Trans Fat 0g (0%), Cholest. 0mg (0%), Sodium 0mg (0%), Total Carb. 37g (13%), Dietary Fiber 6g (21%), Total Sugars 19g, Includes 5.5g Added Sugars (11%), Protein 9g (17%), Vitamin D 0mcg (0%), Calcium 100mg (7%), Iron 1.6mg (9%), Potassium 670mg (14%). The % Daily Value tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

How to Blend


First, tear off the orange tab completely.


Through the flap of your cup, add liquid to the relevant fill line. We recommend milk or almond milk for this recipe. Close the flap tightly.


After adding liquid, squeeze your cup repeatedly to ensure the food isn't stuck to the bottom of the cup.


Place the cup upside down in the kwiX machine. Push the start button. When the blend is complete, this makes up to a 16 oz smoothie. Enjoy!