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We invented a whole
new way to blend.

Let's Make Food

We know time and we don’t like to waste it. So, we’ve created a world where the seemingly impossible is now possible: real food at the touch of a button. Why? So you can transform your life and explore new possibilities.

So, we've created a highly specialized team of food scientists, engineers, storytellers, and all-around food enthusiasts to create a world where the seemingly impossible is now possible: real food at the touch of a button. That means no prep, no mess, and more time spent to

Skip the meal prep

We eliminate the meal prep hassle for you. That means no planning, shopping, or chopping. Our Blix Cups come prepared with real, good-for-you ingredients that are ready to blend.

Blend in minutes

We'll upgrade your morning routine for you. Our kwiX Machine makes real food, fast. That means more smoothies, soups or spreads in your daily life and fewer tantrums, poor breakfast choices, and missing trains to work.

Never clean your blender or processor again

We'll make sure you never have to clean your blender or processor again. How? The blending and food-making happen inside of our Blix Cups due to a built-in blade. Just recycle the cup after each use.
Let's Make Food

We're real committed
to real food.

We work with farmers to source the freshest ingredients possible and freeze them at peak ripeness.
No preservatives
No artificial flavor
No processed sugars

Why frozen?

We freeze every ingredient using IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) technology to lock in the nutrients and preserve the freshness. Flash frozen foods show greater nutritional value overall compared to fresh produce at stores, which are typically picked before they’re ripe.

Our (give you back more)
time machine.